About us

Our Vision

Our aim is to be able to offer a range of high quality leather goods, made from genuine good quality leather, at very affordable prices. Initially we will be selling horse riding bits and pieces – specifically bridles using Swarovski crystals, wallets for both men and women, belts, laptop and office bags and laptop sleeves. Later, We hope to be able to add to this product range with a selection of quality jackets and other leather fashion accessories. Our ultimate goal is to serve you based on model "your preferences, our products".

Our Ethics

We believe in the diversity and equal rights of our affiliates. That’s why we chose to partner with an atelier that fights child labor and offers exceptional working conditions. We personally vet and verify these conditions by frequent visits to the factories. This also allows us to maintain a trusted relationship with our teams.

Our Story

BLUCACTUS was born out of the unconditional love between parents and their son. The story began in India when he decided to leave his home country and travel to Europe. His parents wanted to encapsulate their relationship, so they decided to personally design and make a leather jacket for me. This touching gesture motivated him to share this gift and create unique pieces of leather at affordable prices for all to enjoy. Always inspired by his roots, He wanted to pay tribute to his Indian culture through some of his collections. Like the cactus, all the designs are full of character, durable, and long-lasting.

Your Vision, Our Products

At BLUCACTUS, we are constantly seeking out new ways to better serve our customers, and we do so by asking them exactly what they think and what they want. We’re always open to your suggestions and ideas, so if there’s something you’d love us to offer, then please do send your preferences here