100% Genuine Leather

Our Handmade Genuine Leather Products are stylish, classy and are Environmental Friendly.

Have you ever purchased a leather accessory which you thought you got a good deal on until it started to “bleed” onto your clothing? Have you ever had a leather belt begin to separate or fray at the edges after wearing it once? The founders of BLUCACTUS have and they decided to create a leather goods company that would offer high quality leather accessories using only the finest leather hides and eco-friendly tanning processes. They wanted to offer their customers the best leather products possible without skimping on the quality or the design and share their passion for quality leather goods with the rest of the world. What they came up with is a collection of wallets, belts, riding gear and more that is stylish, rugged and beautiful.


Quality Hides

When creating any kind of leather goods, the quality of the hides determines the finished product. If you use hides that came from ranches that abuse their livestock or use non-sustainable practices, you will be left with low quality leather goods that aren’t worth buying. But when you use the best hides from sustainable suppliers the way BLUCACTUS does, you will end up with leather accessories that are unbeatable for their quality and value.

Eco-Friendly Tanning Process

Another factor that contributes to a quality leather product is the tanning process. BLUCACTUS works laterally with industry leading tanneries that have reputations for being eco-friendly and that can create high end leather that is soft and supple, yet very durable and long lasting.

Artisan Leather Crafters

Finally, BLUCACTUS has partnered with a team of artisan leather crafters who hand make many of the products you will find on our website. From our riding accessories, including bridles with Swarovski crystals, to our beautifully designed men’s wallets and belts, BLUCACTUS leather goods are made to last and to look better as they age. We even offer a selection of office leather goods including our laptop bags and document folders that will show off your style and commitment.

When you combine those three aspects with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you have BLUCACTUS, a company that was born out of the unconditional love between parents and their son.


To learn more about BLUCACTUS and our high quality, affordably priced leather goods, contact us today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.